Jo & Ace

Moon's Ace @ Okereru

Moon's Ace @ Okereru - (Chalk Mtn Nimble Sprite x Secret Moon) MHANZ: 2/145/01

Hi there!!

Now me and my horse!  

Been busy with Ace since November!   Had lessons for first 6 weeks to get back on track, hard work but fun.   Got Ace a new saddle and had it fitted properly.   He is extra wide!!   Ha!   Thought he would be medium!   Then shoes.   Ace thought he was being cooked with his first hot shoe!  

We rode from here on the Sunday to where we used to live on the farm up the back.   Took 7 hours from here!   Had a Dutch friend and her horse join us half way.   We had a two rides on the farm then a day off, we needed it as much as the horses! Then spent three days riding home.   At least 4 hours per day.    Came back via road and farm and paper roads.   It was excellent fun.   Then carried on doing some great long rides around home.   Not bad for a young greenie (Ace) and a old boring (mare)! Ace overcame his fright of white lines and bent over grass!   Never opened up gates on Ace until on the farm.   Thought I’d just have a go see what he does,  "Hey Mum, what you wanting?" at first one, then that was it, after only a few minutes to show him he was away,  I could feel his keenness to want to do the gates after that!   Excellent!   Well you should have seen my face while out and about!   

I’m back into daily riding during the week.   I like to go bout 5.30 before family’s up  and about,  then get back for the girls and Brian to get off to work.  I am on the lookout for a nice float now, so Ace and I can get out and about.

Ace is looking so gooood.   He strides out,  full of importance and excitement, he has become very trusting and really safe to ride.   I feel like we’ve been riding everywhere forever.   I have managed to find a few nice rides around here.   I just go straight up the main road and off we go.   He’s not worried about anything,  he’s just excited to be out and about.   I have had seen some lovely sunrises on my early rides, its been great.   There is a farm high up on Blackburn ridge we visit, it takes four hours from here up the road then thru a paper road to the top, we can leave horses there anytime as long as we like and ride about their place too.

Jo Gilbert  Summer 2008

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